Saturday 25 October 2008

NEW wishlist!

there was last month, and now there is this month. october has been hectic again... (err, if hectic was everyday, it should be considered my normal right?) stripped down to my last sen (or, my last 5sen) and down to my remaining energy to stay up into the new day at dawn (otherwise i would be asleep right after dinner).

it has been a depressing day just earlier on friday morning, and im not sure if taking comfort in shopping is good. first, im stripped to my last 5sen. second, im stripped to my last drop of energy to do anything for the rest of the day. but anyway, i'll recap what my expenditure (on all things for self-consumption XD) looked like this month after puchases:
  1. red animation lens = rm32
  2. black lolita coat = rm100
  3. black gi = rm45
  4. toy 1:1 m16 = rm50
  5. hotglue gun = rm12.90
  6. the graveyard book (neil gaiman) = rm24.85
  7. CAG mag = rm4
  8. gameaxis mag = rm8
  9. felt cloth (2pcs) = rm5
  10. the chronicles of narnia 7-in-1 = rm15 (this and the below are from this week's MPH warehouse sale!)
  11. mary-kate & ashley sweet 16 #10 = rm2
  12. mary-kate & ashley graduation summer #3 = rm2
  13. mary-kate & ashley new york minute #2 & #3 = rm2 (x2)
  14. hillary duff: a not-so-typical teen = rm2
  15. collins thesaurus A-Z = rm7
as of now, while i was shopping for things, i also picked up a list of things to buy later due to stagnant cashflow (trouble getting a parttime this month):
  1. felted sweet treats (japanese) = rm30-70 (kinokuniya having 20% off ALL felt art books (japanese) AND english literature section!)
  2. inkdeath (cornelia funke) = rm70 (this is hardcover edition; awaiting paperback in a few months time)
  3. college textbooks = rm45-60 (per subject; its only for one or two subjects that i need books)
  4. he is my master meido = rm150 (10% off rm170! and from japan~)
  5. cafe meido = rm170 (15% off rm200! and from japan~)
  6. cosplay fangs = rm8 (can wait for next month)
  7. thinning razor = rm20-40 (unknown price; for styling wigs~)
  8. adjustable rollerblades = rm120-130 (just for fun; coz its pink XD)
  9. dolphin wrapping sheet = rm5-10 (the quality plastic wrapper that i have been preserving my books with!)
last but not least, of course, is my growing wishlist (which mostly are books and more books - i love!) for any upcoming gift-giving season:
  1. chobits vol.5 vol.6-8 (CLAMP; japanese)
  2. train man (nakano hitori; english novel) (OMG this is in kinokuniya's english literature!)
  3. if you're reading this, it's too late (pseudonymous bosch)
  4. deltora quest 7-in-1 (emily rodda)
  5. avatars book 1-3 (tui t. sutherland)
  6. moon & sun book 1: the ruby key (holly lisle)
  7. jumpman rule two (james valentine)
  8. my desperate love diary (liz rettig)
  9. the boy book (emily lockhart)
  10. sebastion darke book 2: prince of pirates (philip caveney)
i still want all the items from my first list! (unless said otherwise with a line through the item.)

refer to first wishlist >here<


Kclee said...

long list is loooooong

MeLC said...

It was so long that I skipped on reading the list part. XD

MedicOnTheRun said...

agreed on long are we :)

Captain Sagara said...

hey akiko! XD remember me? :P

may I link ya? XD

my blog is

あきこ said...

kclee> hahah~ long cat is loooooong

melc> no!!! if you were to skip anything, its NOT skipping the list.. T____T you should read the list actually!

motr> how long is what? XD

anna> yippee~ will add you too~

MedicOnTheRun said...

list of wants u have is uber long.. :S

MeLC said...

"8. adjustable rollerblades = rm120-130 (just for fun; coz its pink XD)"

This is unneccessary to buy and it cost so much la. =.=" You're the one who asked me to read the list. =P

あきこ said...

motr> i wouldnt say so... i'd peel your eyes wide open if you can see that my purchased list is much longer than the wishlist.. oh and fry your brain coz you couldnt sum them up properly XD *pinch*

melc> well, the skates are actually for simca cosplay as prop.. but also getting it for fun as most (if not all) events do not allow skates in the premise for safety reasons.

MeLC said...

Uh huh. Cosplay prop. Again. Excuses. XD

MedicOnTheRun said...

i'm so getting a skateboard and learning to skate just to diss all u bladers off :P

あきこ said...

melc> TAT gah, why you.. *straps skates to mel's feet and push her down san fran hill*

motr> *push him downhill of bukit jalil anyway*

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