Tuesday 30 September 2008

post-exams + sem-break = busy!

no way, huh? im your one-of-a-kind! when im free, im more busy than possible! my exams started on the first week of september, and ended on the 16th. the smart akiko that i am here, already started working for a one-week event under an extended NSN company on the 15th. i had to work the whole week, or else i dont get the job. i still got to take my final paper on tuesday morning, and then went to work after 1pm. i earned well, due to a good bonus. (my god, thank goodness!)

as for later this month, im more broke than busy (though still as busy). owh, that hits hard on my money. as well as books, gifts, cosplays, and tons of things i want to spend money on! here goes nothing.

i guess here i will make a fat list of things that i have purchased that caused my broke-ness this month (if you have to inquire exactly how i managed, ask me on msn! XD):
  1. blue geo-angel contact lens = rm60
  2. 100cm dark purple wig = rm85
  3. 70cm burgundy wig = rm95
  4. costume1 red turtleneck = rm20
  5. costume2 (secret) = rm150
  6. costume3 (secret) = rm100
  7. C.A.G. magazine = rm4
  8. STARZ magazine = rm3.90
  9. chobits vol.4 (CLAMP; japanese) = rm27.05
  10. the name of this book is secret (pseudonymous bosch) = rm21.90
  11. the barcode rebellion (suzanne weyn) = rm27.90
  12. specials (scott westerfeld) = rm25.90
heck, the things here are queued up on my soon-to-buy list (yeah, still have more to go~ XD):
  1. red carnival lens = rm40 (i dont really need this one, so i'll pass for this month)
  2. 60cm red wig = rm90 (i dont need it this year since im not sure on which vocaloid character)
  3. black-white meido = rm170 (maybe this week?)
  4. black lolita coat = rm100 (this week!)
  5. black gi = rm45 (this week!)
as for these, i'll buy them only when i have the extra cash! so they are categorised as wishlist (yes you can spare me the hassle of buying it myself, instead as Xmas present!):
  1. felted sweet treats (japanese)
  2. nareru! cosplayer (japanese)
  3. gothloli tutorial minibook (japanese)
  4. the graveyard book (neil gaiman)
  5. artemis fowl (eion colfer) after the fourth fifth book
am i amazing or what? i am teh guru of being savvy and extravagant - cant possibly pick only one side!


MeLC said...

You spend waaay too much, girl. =P

MedicOnTheRun said...

lolz.. yeah have to agree with that. :P

あきこ said...

you two. boys want gadgets. girls want diamonds.

i only want books, costumes, and wigs. its perfectly fine~ im splurging now is because i dont plan to pay much attention to cosplay next year as my semester ends in april---final exams!

MeLC said...

But you may not have enough money for necessities. Oh well! As long as you know what you are doing. =P You must have enough by next year to belanja me when I come back. XD

あきこ said...

melc> sure, i belanja you ans yeewen nasi lemak. XD you can have all the anchovies and peanuts from my rice. but not the sambal!

MeLC said...

Sure! But what about the white part of boiled egg? =P Can I have yours too?

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