Tuesday 30 September 2008

ACGC 08 Finale - MVEC Mid Valley

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ACGC 08 Finale Schedule for two days~

ACGC Finale - day 1
sept 27: ACGC Finale @ MID VALLEY convention hall 3 (10am-9pm)

too bad it was still the fasting month of ramadan when the weekend arrived for acgc. time waits for no man; the show must go on!

the start line: the event hall at the beginning was rather confusing, suffice to say that the entrance welcomed visitors with two large overhead banners. i turned left into hall 3, and was swamped with promoters (two gothic meidos) and scattered acgc visitors. the crowd begin to build as the minutes fly but i'd still say the turn up was not keeping the hall 'hot' enough. D:

the venue: front half (and more) of the hall showcased booths for all sort of games; be they mmorpg, nintendo wii or DS. the anime/manga section was practically only anime.tech booth, while doujin area was all the way at the end of the hall - in an oddly positive sense, you cant possibly miss it. (lest you walked straight through the wall!) there were about a dozen doujin booths up and running, and i got the opportunity to share booth #01 with ywsmokona~ sales was slow but managed to rake up average.

the anime/manga/games area: as the acgc finale website has announced the schedule for day 1 leaned more towards the artsy side of ACG, we (me and artists and fans) were disappointed and horrified to find out:
- NO manga drawing competition (scheduled for 12noon) - cancelled due to lack of participants!
- NO guest artist ben was not present for autograph session (scheduled for 3pm)! (but there was rumour that kid-chan was around - at least!)
- NO artsy activities except for doujinka sketching at their respective booths (all day).

so other than taking orders for headdress, chatting up with friends and cosplayers alike (kilmenyanne, miko and friend, megami tensei, motr, yori, tekong, aoshi, stardust, guest18, and a bunch of /as/), i had takeaway carl's jr for lunch (normal chicken sandwich is normal D:) and took my break from the booth to shoot some photos as these below:

no, its not normal to see this at ACG events, to me. but the family colour-coding is a catchy trend. (yucks!)

look at them, could nintendo wii and wiifit be boring all?!

luffy d monkey (one piece): guess who else was bored?

mulan: not often you see a disney princess being cosplayed...

miko and friend, posing with dear gino (code geass)!

kikyo (inuyasha)

alexiel (angel sanctuary): this i love!!!

if photos are anything to go by to reflect how well day 1 was, well.. i cant say it was particularly exciting other than the games booth where sean and i earned myself a few game starter cds, leaf-ring notebook and inflated panda staffs! i think after three-quarters of a year visiting event, i may actually feel tired to attend those less happening events.

ACGC Finale - day 2
sept 28: ACGC Finale @ MID VALLEY convention hall 3 (10am-9pm)

today was an improvement compared to day 1, but then the more people, the more hectic!

the main attraction for today was of course the ACGC Cosplay Competition, which attracted eight teams to participate - when they had prepared prizes for ten, and thats counting consolation only! anyway, if there are no competition photos from me, obviously i was not watching and stayed at my doujin booth area. here are some random cosplays of the day:

gintama sure know where to make an appearance - even with the akatsuki team!

nice costume, poor portrayal (its a game character afterall, just being yourself is nothing extraordinary).

hansel and gretel (black lagoon): this i like!

sweet lolita aiko-chan: much loved for the day.

maka alban and simca: mintos and me, bidding farewell for the day~

also, allow me to add:
- NO such thing as doujin games competition (scheduled for 6pm).

all in all, i hate to say it but acgc has organised three events throughout the year in peninsula malaysia, yet there still were the same mistakes that doesnt seem to be fixed nor show any improvement, other than the doujin booth and a nice rest area in front of the doujin booths. when i wanted to flag down authorized help, either i was blind (well, without my glasses i was but) or nobody seem to bother placing a staff to watch over the inner half (nearer to the doujin area) in case of mayhem. plainclothes security my foot.

on the other hand, how can i resist to post some of my own cosplay? comin' at you>>>

day 1: myself, the artistic schoolgirl.

day 1: me having lunch - yes, carl's jr!

day 2: simca sends her love~

day 2: the inflated panda staff that i won - or rather, played for it.

kaworu: *plays violin*
misato: *covers ears*


JenKin Yat said...

nice coverage..but i craving for more cosplayers =P

MedicOnTheRun said...

0_0 simca dun look good in beret.. take it off take it off!!!! :P

Audrey Juicy Tits said...

You have a blog!! XD You're such a good cosplayer, I'm so happy to be working with you!

あきこ said...

jenkin> thanks but i was not able to leave my booth ever so often to ambil lebih gambar..

motr> sorry la. i forgot to wear my oversized goggles okay? T_T

itomaki> you found me! gah! *hides* lolz.. it'll be fun at CF08~

Unknown said...

"too bad it was still the fasting month of ramadan when the weekend arrived for acgc. "

-- if it's not the fasting month, you want to treat me carl's jr ah? yay b^_^d i treat u tepung pelita perhaps :p

anyway, looking at your misato, i thought misato's hair is.. layered ? ( not familiar with hair fashion ) your's a bit different..

know what? the day i met you, end up berbuka with carl's jr, big size. thought it was small but it's freaking big T-T

reading your previous archive, if you cosplayed for Sony-PSP launching, we'll probably met there before lol.anyway, after this, tell me ah if got this event.. might just come to unwind myself.


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