Wednesday 14 January 2009

i love you! -hiatus-

the cpu has ben sent to the emergency ward last night, and i do not know when will it be home again. but i would just like to say, while i am away (exams from tomorrow until feb5) you can drool at my newly-learnt camwhore skills with a (2mp!) camphone.


motr and i did some silly card tricks with extra MTG cards (connected 20 cubes with no adhesive whatsoever!):

yours truly, akiko is having some fun trying out the new katyusha and blue wig that i had recently sew and styled:

minori's orders from amazon japan (!) arrived on monday: *breathes tokyo air*

some of my favourite books that i had lovingly wrapped up recently:

that's all for today - i'll come around to post one or two more in between exams. currently using the internet from college computer lab only.


Gray said...

that thing is called a Menger Sponge which is quite interesting on it's own. the trend to do this with MtG cards started with and develop into which seems pretty pointless to me. i'd rather give away these common/unused cards for free to beginners (or people who don't play... yet)

btw what was in the box?

Kclee said...

omg so smexy <3

j00 are making me bleed profusely.

あきこ said...

gray> i find it a waste too. but its fun once i got the hang of it and it begins to get more challenging. ^__^ but i dont suggest you (or anybody for that matter) donate any spare cards for me to build more merger sponge.

kclee> saved! XD

Clow said...


*nose bleed indeed*

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