Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day~

i wish to dedicate this post to everyone for a happy valentine's day! although i am not able to be with y'all today (as you are not for me.. ;-P), i hope you will have a good day ahead - filled with fun (happy moments) and laughter (disaster dates)!

oh, you know i love y'all. i love you guys so much. i also know that if i publish your names here you will blush and so, you can thank me for not exposing names here. why, of course, you're welcomed! XD

best friends
melc, thanks for being my best friend for the longest time in my lifetime so far! minori, i appreciate all that you have been for me when there was nobody to be with! jerusha, its been forever since we done anything together but still, i remember you. to all my best friends (past, present and future) kept and lost, with or without me, your vday is gonna be sweet anyway.

when times were bad we stabbed their backs, when times were good we reaped our goods. its as good as it gets and i hope we all can share more gossips. most of you dont read my blog, except maybe kilmenyanne. fear not, after vday i'll find free time to pest you into reading my blog. may you resume complaining about my valentine date already?

you jumped to the end of the post to read this? c'mon, you know me better than that? *cough* will you be my valentine? けんじのばか。 same person, my second vday (i never did anything previously), two years in a row.

*throws heart-shaped confetti*

btw, this is a scheduled post. its around noon, so i should be going out for lunch now. (dont stalk me. i dont want flowers. or roses. maybe chocolates.) we're having japanese cuisine and going to the theatre. i'll be occupied over the weekends. (no stalking, and no flower stalks!) no two valentine should be the same. kthxbai.


MeLC said...

10 years of friendship, 9 years of being best friends, and still counting! =) Happy Valentines Day to you too! Hope you had fun on your V-Day. =P

あきこ said...

melc> i think i broke hearts with this post. >__>;; but anyway, due to the awsumness of the nature of bff, friends are forever! XD *hugs* whoever thinks that its the end of the world after this most probably doesnt realise that.

Anonymous said...

honey, you SHOULD mention names. ain't no fun in life otherwise.

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