Friday 6 February 2009

The story about yours truly, as told by yours truly.

earlier this morning, i login to my secondary hotmail and sent a long email. (sorry melc and motr, next time i'll save you much longer ones than the already novel-length email to make it up to you.) anyway, it was addressed to as many of my coursemates as possible - about me, myself, and i. (there is only two of me.)

i hereby would like to welcome all you beloved coursemates of mine, to my reality-mixed-fantasy world. (that came out so cheesy.) i hope you enjoy your stay - because its not easy to google my life with only what you know in class about me. (plus i hardly ever blog about college or my coursemates.) here are two photos of me in music class (this is only half of my entire class coz the others took chinese writing):

the so-called press release i emailed to my coursemates:

There are those who only know me as Monica, friend and assistant course rep of m1.

There are those who only know me as Monica, crap and low-life biatch.

There are a few who only think of me as using-fake-name Monica, FBI/CIA/CSI trainee at night, TARCian at day.
There are a few who only think of me as using fake-name Monica, spy undercover as a student in TARC.

And, there are a few who know me as Monica, blogger and average teen-going-on-young-adult.

The truth is that i am also known as... Akiko Wolf.
Also, w*************89 is not my real MSN address but... m***********

Why do i want to keep myself shunned?
Because (like Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire play) i wanted to start a new life when i enter a new place - college. however, (like Blanche trying to be demure) one thing led to another, and i realised that i am who i am - i cannot change who i have becomed today, and will always be the same Monica.
Oh, also it is because i always keep to myself even when in high school (i can get two seats to myself because i dont want to sit with anybody). i did not severe ties, but i dont keep in touch with my high school friends except for several today

Why am i so secretive about my life?
Because its exciting to know that i may actually lead a double life! its true, (like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana show) i do have a double life.
First: its me as Monica - student, average, friend, part time model; basically very normal and boring.

Second: its me as Akiko - cosplayer, entrepreneur (businesswoman la), seamstress (commission by sewing), semi-artist (LOL), P.I. wannabe.

So why am i revealing my entire story now?
Because its not worth keeping something so exciting to myself! i know that when my double life is revealed, there is no more fun in it. but you know what? i have had my share of fun, and its time to let it go! also because once February holiday ends, we are in our 6th and Final semester - after this most (hopefully all) of us will be graduates - and the only way to keep in touch is to share blogs and chat on MSN? XD

So am i really a FBI/CIA/CSI (govt agent) trainee or spy?
I think i know how this idea came up - because a spy would have a double life, like i did! anyway, if i were one, did you really think i was going to tell you? (its okay, because somebody asked, i am actually very happy to hear that.) if you are worried that one of your parents hired me to spy on you, dont worry - we never bumped into each other when you went shopping, dating, hang out, clubbing, and others before, right?

So does this explain why i am late a lot, busy all the time, but somehow detached from society?
Yes, and i hope you understand too (or else i will have to tell you everything again). Monica is my primary life, Akiko is my secondary life. w*************89 is my secondary email, m***********89 is my primary email. but, i use my secondary email with my primary life, and my secondary life with my primary email. confusing? (nevermind, as long as you understand everything else.) basically, you dont see me online in MSN is because i always login to m***********89.

So is it forever i dont have FB/Friendster/etc social network profile?

So i am a Gemini?


nQw said...


just dropping by to conquer "something"

MeLC said...

Wow! Finally a picture of you in college. Haha! Glad to hear that you have led an exciting double life. =)

あきこ said...

nqw> welcome---you now are being stalked by moi. XD

melc> well, as you can see, the classrooms aint fancy pansy and thats pretty much what i wear everyday to class. college is so different from school. >__<

Anonymous said...

betcha didn't email that to amanda dearest :D

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