Saturday 28 February 2009

Lolita ♥ Headdress

here are three lovely headdresses that i never used after i made them. please give them a new home with your lolita closet~

note ♥ if you want any of the headdresses in a different color, i can sew a new one for you, but you have to wait one week after your payment. colors that can be changed are for base headdress [white, pink, black], lace [white, pink, red, skyblue], and ribbon [white, pink, red, skyblue, black].

25cm (length) x 8cm (widest width) x 50cm (ribbons)
note ♥ the white ribbon is detachable - pin it anywhere~
RM20 + RM5 (shipping in M'sia)

28cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 50cm (ribbons)
RM20 + RM5 (shipping in M'sia)

25cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 48cm (ribbons)
RM20 + RM5 (shipping in M'sia)

extra photo showing the back of all three headdresses.

measurement ♥ the length and width stated does NOT include the lace. (measured the base headdress only.)

shipping ♥ alternatively, you can meet me at ACGC in tropicana city mall on 21-22 march 2009 for COD.

♥ sale does NOT include the blue wig. shipping fee is only for those who opt for Poslaju.
thank you for your interest ♥


MeLC said...

"Sale does NOT include the blue wig." Hahahahahahaha! XD Those head dresses look very pretty!

あきこ said...

thanks~~ i wish i have a ton of lolita dresses to go with them.. T^T

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