Sunday 29 March 2009

2 wigs + 2 boys = birthday dinner

no, it wasnt a cannibal festival! yesterday, i just restyled my pink and maroon wigs, and celebrated reno and dante's birthday in TGIF's tradition!

thats reno-san and dante margera whose birthdays were in the month of march, along with space-chan and 9gems.

during last night's Earth Hour, we decided to bring out the cake for reno and dante just before 9.30pm (when the lights would come back on). gosh, i've never had a more fun dinner with funny staffs helping us to make the celebration more special. *applaud*

group photo at the table!

nobody knew my camera was on burst mode!

everybody tired of staying in the same pose for ten burst shots!

the TGIF waitress began to move away!

appetizer #1: mac and cheese! (really soft and melt-in-your-mouth~)

appertizer #2: boneless chicken wings with celery sticks and cheese dip (lots of vinegar flavour~)

final group photo before we parted~

reno, dante, beat, guki, clow, stardust, deidara, skypegasus, zyms, zend: i was really glad to meet you guys! reno: i hope you like the present and, happy 20th birthday! dante: gomen ne, i did not know it was your birthday too, but happy birthday yeah! *dances*

oh wait, i left out one guy. who was the guest behind beat in the last photo? ;_;


MeLC said...

LOL! The birthday dinner celebration looks like hella of fun. I'm surprised that the TGI's Friday waiters and waitresses are so friendly.

あきこ said...

well, personally ive never tried TGIF, so i did not know their motive behind the decision to go to TGIF in sunway pyramid.

apparently the staff are very friendly (they even wear a funny hat in IOI mall branch) and have no qualms of helping to make your birthday special! they have their own dance, and song, and birthday "traditions"!

example: as the bar was already occupied when we brought out the cake, double birthday boys dint get to stand on the high bar chairs - instead they have to do the funky chicken dance~

they seem to be so prepared and helpful. ive been converted. XD

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