Tuesday 24 March 2009

TheStar awarded me with RM50 today!

kilmenyanne and i were driving to the LRT yesterday morning when i noticed there was HUGE water "fountain" at the petrol station just before we turn off to the highway. i immediately whipped out my trusty canon camera from my backpack (coincidentally, i brought it with me since it contained ACGC photos) and instructed her to drive slower as i take a few shots.

#1: thiiiiis far away...

#2: thiiis close...

#3: final attempt!

right after this shot, the traffic light turned green so i had no choice but to be content with three photos only. i quickly panicked as i needed to send them to TheStar ASAP, but i have no laptop and wifi in the car, nor do i have the camera USB cable! thanks to visha, we managed to view the photos directly from the camera's memory card in her laptop connection but i guess, the images were too large to upload with campus wifi.

after that, i noticed that the photos were rendered incompatible to view after i inserted the memory card back in the camera! so kilmenyanne and i went to her home and used her card reader to email directly to TheStar around 2pm. i thought it has becomed a norm to see broken public facilities in malaysia, so i did not expect them to publish my photo, what more as the winning entry.

today, after i got home, kilmenyanne rang me up and hinted me to check TheStar Thumbnails page. it turned out that my photo has been chosen as the winning entry of the day! *happy*

this page/photo was also featured on thestar.com.my website here.

oh, the winning entry wins RM50 for the photograph. that means me. XD


MedicOnTheRun said...

now can belanja makan lolz

あきこ said...

not really, i still owe people (need more cash out >__<), and im using this to pay an exam fee.

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