Wednesday 1 April 2009


hi emo post here.

i have been thinking for a while now. just so you know the timeline, i started my diploma in may 2007, and now am in the final (sixth) semester before i graduate.

since i have been struggling between studying for my diploma and working part time, i am putting my foot down and i dont want to study anymore. media studies is irrelevant to the mass communication industry, and it is not even close to the field i thought it was when i first registered. the people in my class are horrible - nobody bothers me, talk to me, help me, or do any work for assignments. they are just a whole bunch of crappy people who are afraid to speak up to me just because i am their course rep and not bat an eye until i do everything. yeah you heard that right, i am not the assistant course rep anymore.

after tomorrow, i wont be going to classes (coz today i will be going to the college to submit forms for withdrawal from this course). i will continue my part time work and take up short courses that have offered me scholarships (flight attendant training and baking course - specialized in baking only, no cooking melc, you might want to try this when you are back). next year, i hope i'll be flying in JAL (as they are not accepting malaysian stewardess until 2010).


Deniece said...

O.O monica... r u serious??
Is this like.. An April fool's joke kinda thingy..??

あきこ said...

dniz> no comment.

Lyle Gogh said...

... .. wtf are you thinking

MeLC said...

Hell yeah! Let us all go baking! =D Count me in when I get back. But I don't know how long I'll be staying in KL when I come back though. Hopefully, long enough to be able to take this course. So you going for air stewardess now?

あきこ said...

people~ please read more info here.

but the part about my college and short courses are real. the one that was a joke is leaving the college and scholarship for short courses.

i wouldnt leave unless they pay me 1mil USD. and i wouldnt get a scholarship with my average result lol.

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