Wednesday 1 April 2009

[scheduled] April's Fool!

my my, look at the time. we certainly had a long day today no? of course my post here was a hoax. you dint think i was going to give up at the last minute, right? the thing about me is that if i say i will, then i will. like the prime minister (pak lah) said on TheStar front page today, we both have problems with punctuality. in my case, sure i will do something, but more often than not, i will be done a little later or past the deadline.

oh, Comic Fiesta forum had a really boring april's fool day too, as you can see from the below screen shots:

the most boring CF forum!

the most boring CF members!

daicon got pwned by ninjin too! XD

Paris Hilton organises a Cosplay Competition like so her style! - Isn't that super Cool ?! LIEK TOTALLY~
Recruiting ELITISTS for CF09 Community! - Volunteers will +cool by 100.

btw, CF forum as of midnight:

only one subforum survived the boredom title!

hope you had fun getting rickrolled.


MedicOnTheRun said...

really got me with that one...

あきこ said...

oeih. but the boring forums are real!

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