Thursday 21 May 2009

urusan seri paduka baginda...

yes, i do understand that i am turning 20 years old soon, but i had not expect that today i would be receiving any sort of government letter to inform me about paying tax! i do not even earn enough to spend, did they think i had enough to spare for tax? (apparently, i thought the only reason to receive an envelope subtitled "urusan seri paduka baginda" is for income tax.)

well, thank goodness it was not. because when i flipped to the other side, the envelope had a stamp on it! i quickly ripped it open, quite neatly too, and found this - PCD Doll Domination album!

Pussy Cat Dolls: Doll Domination (album)

it seems that decided to take a few months before posting the album to me, from a call-in album-giveaway contest featuring Pussy Cat Dolls (PCD) i won a few months back... erm, i mean october 2008! next monday, kilmenyanne and i shall reap our sow (which means we will be driving back to college and listening to the CD lah).


MeLC said...

They sure took their time in sending your prize. Awesome prize though. =D

あきこ said...

bet they did. is RTM radio channel.

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