Friday 20 November 2009

The Library @ eCurve Damansara

so, lets start with the most recent place that i was eating at - The Library. it is located in eCurve (previously known as Cineleisure) replacing some ronery bar/club that was previously in the same lot. location proved to not be the cause of the ex-shop lack of business, as The Library manages to rake in full house 3-4 days a week. (or so i was informed.)

from what i heard, this place has been open for a couple months now, and the menu changes every fortnight - and lucky me (together with kilmenyanne, psychoe, spanky) coz we were there on the first day of a new menu!

this place is also known as the first gastropub in malaysia, and the theme of "library" has PARTICULARLY NERDY "librarians" waiting on you. so be sure to look out for the guys in white shirt with black suspenders and nerdy spectacles if you want to order something. (butler meganeko! however, unlike theme restaurants in japan, your waiter does not role-play with you.)

now, allow me to bombard you with tons of daytime photos taken by psychoe~

VIP upper tier, with full view of the entire lower interior~

open air concept outside! (for smoking patrons i guess.)

Librarian Chapter III
as our first entrée, we ordered this combo grilled of chicken nurnberger, emmental cheese and cumberland sauce (RM26.80).

i do not know what in the world is a nurnberger, but i'll call it sausages or frankfurt, and i dont care to correct myself. so, mr. chef, if you are reading this, i could not careless.

this dish is a really new burst of flavours for me! the meat in the sausages was just chicken, but it tasted so exotic and new~ the chef really knows how to spice up his food and keep the chicken tender and juicy. (usually chicken is cooked until its dry; sadly, losing a lot of flavour.) i would come back for this dish.

Welsh Rarebit

next, we ordered a side dish of dark beer and cheese on toast (RM15).

this dish is best eaten at the end of your drinking night, as it kinda does help you to sober up.

it was kind of disappointing for me coz it tasted quite bland and nothing to shout about really.

Fruity Nachos and Salsa
after the welsh dish, we called for this nachos with mix dried fruits, melted cheese, jalapeno and salsa (RM22.90) which i must say is a very popular order as i noticed, among the few tables around us.

this nacho reminded me of junk food, except kinda homemade. XD you know i rarely eat junk food, except when there really is nothing to eat at home or there is a new flavour i want to try. this is a new flavour i want to try - but the cold melted cheese kinda put off my mood. overall, i was last seen licking the plate off (with my fingers lah)!

German Black Forest
this very tall slice of cake (RM18) makes me realise, almost everything we have here were laden with alcohol in various amount.

that lump of white cream you see on top of the cake, between the cake slice, and on the cake plate? that's not just fatty cream. its alcoholic.

all of us agree that this slice of dessert was too much alcohol (except they said in a "subtle" way) - it tasted like nail polish. hahaha~ well no, it tasted like light chocolate with a hint of nail polish everytime we took a bite.

we also tasted Hoegaarden, Tetley's English Ale and San Miguel Lite from the beer selection. having had a brief introduction to beers at the 1Utama Oktoberfest, i am proud to say i do recognise some of the beers that The Library have.
Largest Selection of Single Malt Whiskies & Cocktails from A-Z, literally...
Set in an unfussy "public house" environment with mix-matched plates and institutional furniture, this watering hole serves from 'Absinthe Drips' to 'Zorbatinis', and a catalog from A to Z of cocktails to quench any thirsty taste buds. For the serious palates and connoisseurs, there is a glossary of fine single malt whiskeys (the largest selection in Malaysia) to hit every tasting note, aromas, textures and temperatures.

where the (really tall) cakes come from!

how did i know and have seen so much of The Library? well, kilmenyanne was there to do her assignment - and i got insider info. (but don't kill me for anything, i'll tell if i know and when you ask nicely.)

before i sign off, what is a bar/pub if not without the night scene and its regular patrons? here are more photos by psychoe:

if it were smokier, it definitely reminds me of a mafia headquarters! albeit, bookworm flavour.

Anthem was the rock band on friday night. (jazz on wednesday; r&b on thursday.)

and thus, ends this mostly-photos-but-i-did-an-amount-of-writing-too review of The Library at eCurve. hahaha~

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