Friday 20 November 2009

a series of food reviews!

be prepared! your hunger will strike! your mouth will water! and you will want more!

since i have been skipping ACG event on and off recently, allow me to write up a few separate food reviews to merasuah you all to quit complaining why i am not updating. hahaha~

first post of the day: my cooking skill! it has improved and i find cooking a fun thing to do - and i am especially happy when people like my home-cooked items. let's start with the most recent one:

cheesy baked potato boats with sausage coins - (i should call it "pirate ship & the buried treasure"!) the secret in this recipe is stabbing your potatoes before baking, and using a LOT of cheese in the second bake! (it takes 2 hours of preparation and baking time, so it is definitely delicious!)

stabbing the potatoes is said to allow steam to escape from the potato while it is baking so that you get yummy crispy skin! i am guessing the steam trapped inside the potatoes will make the skin soggy or less crispy to eat.

as you can see in the photo above (which is my second attempt), there doesn't seem to be much cheese. if you let this to happen, the result is dry potatoes - it is not dry dry, but it will lose a LOT of flavour, making it taste rather bland. a fully-coated potato half will produce really good baked taters as the cheese helps to retain moisture in the second bake after the inner potato is exposed.

recipe from motr.

dokidoki french toast & hearty eggs-in-a-basket - your simple breakfast made with love, just the way you like it for Valentine's Day! the easy part was was cutting up the bread into a heart slice (below) while the hard part was making the toast to cook perfectly!

the secret for this would be butter and cookie-cutter! you can even make variants for Christmas (tree-shaped cutter) or Halloween (pumpkin-shaped cutter).

the best thing about these is that it serves well with any jam that you like, or you can even eat it on its own!

here (bottom right) we have the eggs-in-a-basket and my secret weapon, the heart-shaped cookie cutter~ sadly, i was using small sized eggs per slice of bread, thus you will notice that the egg does not fully fill up the heart.

i know i made this and tweeted about it a LONG time ago, but i could not resist sharing with everyone. *heart*

extra: i would suggest you make these two together as you will have 'two' pieces of bread from one slice. however, share with more people as this recipe uses a LOT of eggs!

recipe from kclee.

next, a much more older dish prepared by me and minori! (old as in, we last made baked this in january 2009.)

cheesy baked tomato rice served with hash brown and chicken nuggets - you may not believe it, but we were struck by luck and the lack of ingredients to use at minori's place. thus, this was what we came up with - something deliciously cheesy!

(thank goodness for people who love cheese coz if theres nothing to garnish with, you will find cheese in their kitchen anyway!)

under the melted cheese was fried rice a la akiko+minori. we were adding everything we can get our hands on, and in the end we have eggs, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, and chilli sauce in the fried rice. (we also had fun learning how different people cook fried rice too.)

it was not the greatest fried rice you have tasted, but it certainly satisfied our hunger!

are you hungry yet? i told you so.

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