Tuesday 21 September 2010

it's sem break! day 20

more incoming parcels! i think the postmen assigned to my area must be royally annoyed, wondering how many are being sent to my address. just today, they took 3-4 trips to my home for delivery! (yes, i lost count.) could they just send everything in one go? apparently there must be a glitch in the system today. XD

more delivery for today~
i took a photo of these two before i received yet another delivery from the next postman. one was ordered from cosplay.com and one from taobao.com - can you guess which?

sorry, you got the answer wrong. or most likely. haha~ the white box containing a black skirt is from cosplay.com while the brown wig is from taobao. i just cannot think why would the Kastam want to open the box containing a skirt. i bet they had a hard time stuffing the skirt back in - because it really does give an extra large poofy volume! i have not tried it with any skirt or JSK yet. as for the brown wig, it was supposed to be red-brown, but i squint and blink and stared - no trace of red found. oh well, at least if it cannot fit Haruko i can still use it for Sawako.

RM120 (US$40) for the black pannier skirt was expensive but well worth the volume you get. (when i was removing it from the box, it really looked like i was taking out a whole lump of dry black seaweed!) RM106 for a wrong coloured wig? at least i can use it for my next character.

last delivery of the day was for an item i won on ebay. it is really cute and matches all my bento case and accessories which i initially bought from Daiso. i have not seen this one around in Daiso, so i decided to grab it from ebay for RM21 (US$7). three times the price from Daiso (RM5) but it comes with stamps. lol. it still does not justify the price difference. oh well. novelty is novelty.

6 sauce bottles with animal caps!
lookie - the envelop has stamps! =) more for my collection.


nQw said...

I actually wonder the same thing about the postman thing as well...

Since I'm always in the front room surfing net or study, I will wait for my stuff from Amazon/ ebay as well...there was a period sometime after intern where i bought many stuff online from different sellers on ebay, so many different parcel, but same postman sending it to me...LOL, I wonder what's he thinking...since it's hard to stuff the huge envelope into my postbox, and he has to either horn or throw into my porch...sometimes I feel so malu to go out and take from the same postman...it seems only 2 postman is assigned to my area...

ok...long comment...haha

あきこ said...

haha~ all three parcels in this post are from three separate deliveries! there were four deliveries in total, but one of them was bills for my parents. XD

i think my stuffs were delivered by 2 or 3 postmen, because 1 drove a van (for my large box), and the other 3times were by 1 or 2 postmen (my gosh, imagine drive to my house 3times in one day!). i ordered all three items from different countries and time, so maybe they just throw my stuff to the postman assigned to my area without realising i have more than one item. =P

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