Wednesday 22 September 2010

it's sem break! day 21

one more parcel~ today's delivered item was a disappointment i must say. well, it is after all a very suspicious item to spend one's money on. but for the sake of experiment, here we go...

do you want to take a guess what is inside? it is described as "electronic" on the customs declaration slip but i think it is the wrong label. it is NOT an electronic item. hint: its is a small handheld machine (that's why i placed my hand in the pic to show the size).

as i have mentioned my disappointment, i think there is no need to describe why i was disappointed with the photo i am showing you here. yes, it was shipped cheap in a flat bubble-wrap envelop. but the item box was crushed badly. why is it that if the Kastam open a parcel for inspection, the item always return nice and neat, but if it was unchecked it would be really blah.

it is a sewing stapler! silly item huh? i will explain how it works. first, put in spool of thread. second, thread through the little hooks and holes. third, 'sew' your clothe item (make sure it is not too thick) like how you use a stapler. fourth, rip all the thread out and get frustrated. fifth, try again and realise that the needle broke after you try to sew on some thicker part of the clothing. finally, complain or throw it to a bunch of student engineers to reverse engineer their new toy.

for this experiment, i picked a red pants which had the edges fraying due to loosen thread. i started to stapler the cloth and here is my result (the right photo above). the left seam is the back side of the sewing (which i accidentally sew it on the outer side of the pants) near where i started, and you can see my first attempt created an unstable sewing line. the right seam was towards the end of my sewing attempt, and you can see i am sewing/staplering more stably (its the inner side of the pants but front side of sewing thread).

it looks nice and neat but only if you have the patience to sew one line over and over for about a gazillion times and only able to achieve a few inches of perfection. as you can see from the photo above, i ripped out quite a lot of thread in order to get a short line of perfect sewing.

i will blog more tomorrow! tonight is yumcha night with a few friends - going out now. yes, in case you are wondering, i will be meeting a bunch of engineering students - i have a new toy for them.

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