Thursday 23 September 2010

it's sem break! day 22

happy mid-autumn festival~ it is sometimes shortened to "lantern festival" or "mooncake festival" etcetera. where do these people get their ideas. tsktsk. anyway, the actual festival was yesterday, but i was busy eating mooncake, so i am sharing the home-made snowskin mooncakes i mentioned here today.

home-made pandan snowskin mooncakes with white lotus paste filling~
these few were dotted to separate them from the ones with fillings mixed with kuaci seeds. yes, i wanted the plain filling all to myself. hahaha~ of course, i am only joking - you know that, right?

a day in september seems to be incomplete without a parcel from somewhere. so click the jump to continue reading if you have not tired from my month-long shopping craze. includes something from AFAX too~

DHL shipment from Bodyline Japan~
this is the final batch from Bodyline for the month of september. there is one more parcel won from ebay that should be arriving this week, but looks like there is no news of it until today. mr.Kastam, please don't hold my bag of fake wolf teeth! the next parcel will be arriving mid-october, but that was helping a friend to order something online.

finally, bought one AFAX VIP ticket for 14nov (hall + stage + I ♥ Anisong concert). i bought it around 6pm, but still managed to get allocated to the right aisle on sixth row (dotted in green). later tonight, AFA Facebook announced that Gatecrash has changed their system for purchasing AFAX tickets - now you cannot view your seating location prior to purchase! i think that is really unfair. we are paying SGD118 but we can only pray behind the LCD monitor that we got some good seating somewhere.

people are getting really annoyed with the system and would go to the extend of claiming a refund if their ticket seating was allocated differently from purchased online. so what i will do is, camp at the AFAX ticket registration counter in hopes of an unhappy customer who wants a refund and then buy his/her ticket. why?

well, just so you know, you will not be able to get a seat any nearer than row O (15th row) after you read this.. and the ticket does not belong to me (helping miracle to order once more) so pray that i can still get my AFAX VIP tickets later (not enough funds now).

i just realised - this is my first post about AFAX! oh, the memories from AFA08 flooding in~

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