Monday 20 September 2010

it's sem break! day 19

potatoes and parcels!

okay, i am cheating. the potatoes were made yesterday, but that doesn't mean i cannot blog about it today. haha~ remember my Potatoes recipe book which i bought from the recent Book Fest? yesterday i took note of two recipes and tried them for dinner. here are the results!

baked potato chips and potato croquettes - yummy!
total time: 2 hours. first, i quickly prepared the potato slices, and chuck them in the over for baking up to 40 minutes for the "baked potato chips." i can't call them "french fries" since i did not fry it and neither are they "baked potatoes" because usually that item would be stuffed with yummy bits, but mizuiro did call them "baked potato wedges."

then, i started to prepare all ingredients for the "potato croquettes" which turned out quite burnt because i deep-fry them in oil that was too hot. (i told you i am better at stir-fry instead. or i need to learn how to guess oil temperature.) anyway, for the croquettes, the potatoes were boiled in milk according to the recipe, and then there were some left over creamy milk, so i turned it into white sauce dip for the baked potato chips. not bad for first try, more especially when achieved in 2 hours!

now, back to today. i received two parcels! okay, i should stop getting all jumpy and excited over all parcel deliveries because i have already received SO many this month. half of them was due to Bodyline sale craze, but a parcel is a parcel. every successful delivery makes my heart go doki-doki until i open it up.

look at the size of the two parcels!

what's inside? well, the smaller yellow envelop contains a skull necklace, to be attached to my sawako-sensei costume. (skull pendant is a hidden watch!) i will be ripping the chain away, and hang it on my costume choker. i won this bid from ebay and the shipping took 11days (including weekends).

then, the larger parcel... has lots of large stamps! okay, that is only on the outside, but i do collect stamps, so i will be glad to add these giant stamps along with my China stamps.

anyway, the inside is the hoopskirt which was mentioned earlier here about underskirts. it is a 3-layer 3-hoop crinoline skirt. i bought it from a wedding-related ebay seller (is there such description?) and it took 16 days to arrive. i tried it and it gave much better volume than the one tailored for me two years ago, but i was a little disappointed that the lowest layer hoop was not as long as i thought. the photo is accurate though (the last hoop is hanging way above floor level).

each item bought above were RM8 and RM80 respectively. what a coincidence that they arrived on the same day~

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