Monday 18 October 2010

sad day...

there are days when you have ups, and there are days that get you down. what a fluctuation compared to my recent post here. perhaps you might just leave this page and return another day when you don't think yours truly is in PMS mode.

even though there are such unforgiving days, you must make some use of it. after all, don't they say, if you get lemons, make lemonade! lemons are sour citrus fruits, but you can still sprinkle some sugar and ice in the lemon juice and make delicious lemonade.

since i skipped today's afternoon class, i spend the entire class hour at home doing my own reading for Corporate Communication subject - reading an entire business weekend newspaper pullout. after lunch, i took some time to sew since i was not bothered enough to do anything else.

the front~
the back~
i took my own sweet time to sew this lace bow シュシュ hair-tie. the fabric elastic band is temporary. i'll find a proper black hair-tie or a blank barrette clip to glue this on later. but for now, i will wear this to class tomorrow, on a high ponytail.

at the end of the day, i did not feel worse but nothing better either. of course, while i was sewing i was happy to be sewing and not thinking about anything else. now i also feel slightly better thinking about wearing my new piece to class tomorrow.

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