Thursday 14 October 2010

happy day!

you would think with a title like the above, i had had a happy day today? your guess is right - yes, i was a very happy girl today!

let's highlight what were the little things that made my day:
  • the arrival of a long-(nearly-)lost parcel to complete my Sawako costume
  • the compliments about my new clothes which i received a day ago
  • the fun lunch with my coursemates
  • and an unexpected email!

now, i shall begin in (almost correct) chronological order, so i will write about yesterday first. ^____^ after i got home on wednesday, there was a large flat parcel waiting for me. i grabbed it and tore it open - there it was, my first batch of new clothes for the new semester! first batch? yes, these were not on the previous post where i listed a number of items i wanted to wear... but nanaC was having a sale - four items for RM50! now, if you knew i had a cheapskate eye for clothes, then you bet i bought four new pieces! take a look:

thursday morning was a little bit of a rush as i ended up driving to college instead of taking the LRT. but nevermind that. i was wearing my new grey top which received comments that say it made me look like a ballerina due to the tutu frill detail. ^__^;; i wish to ask forgiveness from all the ballerinas in the world coz i am not a ballerina and i can hardly act like one (well, just in case you are offended that i had looked a little like one).

during the 3-hour break between classes, i joined my coursemates for lunch at Sushi King as they were having a promotion - RM2 for all rice-based items on the kaiten belt (but there was a 1-hour time limit to eat, probably to accommodate the growing crowd in the queue for the promo too). there was only so much i could eat - i wanted to eat only the unagi ones but i would probably poison myself, so i got distracted by all the other yummy tako and whatnots on the belt.

after i got home today, there was yet another parcel albeit a much smaller one. first thing that came to my mind was, "could it possibly be...?" i opened it up, sat down and counted each tooth that poured out of the small ziplock bag. all 30 pieces of tooth (animal fangs) had arrived safely, a 5-week long wait from Hong Kong. i thought i had lost them all at the customs. ;_;

later in the evening, i went online to send a message to the seller to let them know i have received the tooth/fangs. then... while i was reading my emails, i noticed an interview invitation! interview invitation? i cannot say it is an 'invitation' if i went through the trouble to apply fior it, right? well, whatever you call it, it will be quite a casual sit-down chat with the company representative for the interview. what did i apply for? that is for me to know, and for you to guess. *happy*

i am so ドキドキ excited - i am waiting on my toes for the interview! *prepares my cutest clothes early*


- said...

good luck in the interview..and hope to see ur sawako cosplay sad k-on no male chara...if not i may cos it...

Justina said...

Gaah the outfits you bought looks cute? What's NanaC's link? ;p BTW, you wouldnt offend any ballerinas. At the very least you have good posture! :D

Justina said...

Cute with an exclamation mark (typo)

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