Wednesday 1 December 2010

Maid Melody 「メイド・メロディ」

i was driving home one day, and got stuck in a terribly congested highway (and to think i have to pay the toll to drive on the highway), and my mind wondered away to thoughts of maid and masters. so i came up with a song, inspired by maid cafes, entitled Maid Melody. i hope you enjoy it~!
dear master (lady), hear me now
i think of you all the time
welcome you with a bow
ready to serve any time.

i know you like hot tea
milky sweet and mildly warm
two cubes of sugar and
our secret wishing charm.

your favourite cake is here
a slice topped with a cherry
i draw a chocolate bear
and wish you will be happy.

dessert before main course
its our little secret
in my heart in silence
no space for any regrets.

oh, dear, look at the time
it is almost time to leave
don't be late; just on time
to meet your busy schedule.

the cleaning has been done
the mansion is so quiet
the maids all miss you dearly
so we await your return.

the end~ i hope you like the lyrics (read it in a sing-song voice). ^____^

by the way, i have updated the list of Malaysia maid-themed cafes with the addition of Maid Cafe (in Klang Parade) and a little update on Tenshi no Cafe.


Terrasmark said...

So, to what tune should this song be sung?
How's a sing-song voice? o_0

"Hayate", anyone?

あきこ said...

it can be sung to any tune~ you could start with Beethoven's famous tune of Twinkle twinkle little star (which is the tune for ABC song too) or any children's rhyme songs. remember the four chord rule? ;-)

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