Monday 4 April 2011

Fuuvi Biscuit Camera

after losing my mobile phone in January due to an unfortunate event, i vowed to get a new one - at first. after calculating the costs and expenditures in, i realised i could only make do with the most basic. but that does not mean i have to feel sorry for myself.

i am currently using an old phone from mizuiro. as much as i hate this brand of phones because the interface is totally whack, at least it does not lag like most of my girly friends who uses the cute pink clamshell types and the likes. it is so basic, the most advanced thing about it is the Bluetooth feature. no camera, no USB/audio jack; just a plain colour phone.

you probably noticed my failure to keep my blog updated during the past couple months after i lost my phone. i really needed a camera, and i wanted the cute Fuuvi Biscuit Camera i found on Chocomint last year - but it was sold out then. thank goodness for HibikiTokai's facebook album where he linked theclickshop, leading me to find that they do sell Fuuvi Biscuit Camera - of course, i bought one!

i was once again questioning myself: which colour model? in the end, i decided to order the one in plain/light brown because it looked like a biscuit the most. i am so simple. XD

i took a couple photos to test the camera whether it was working or not, but first i had to install the driver CD in order to download the photos later. i'll say, the camera is really easy to handle (though i have yet to try the self-timer mode) and the driver CD was totally simple to install and use.

authentic vignette effect!
not long after i snap the photos, here they are, uploaded on my once-again-updated (hopefully often enough) blog. photos always makes blogging a worthwhile effort.

what camera do you use for your blog?

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cannabus said...

hey how to delete the image fro, the camera ??

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