Friday 7 December 2007


okay, so i got another hairstyle (below). but hey, its for my dance competition (above - click to enlarge for info).

so, first.. presenting, akiko with squiggly waist-length layer-cut black hair~

wolf: hey, i could use a model like you..
akiko: hmm, sure~ what style?
wolf: oh, it'll be a surprise okay?
akiko: its not one of your spur-of-the-moment bright ideas only-after-i-say-yes, right?
wolf: oh, no. not at all. *gets to work*

minutes of frustration and countless redo later... *akiko looks at mirror*

akiko: *stare at mirror*
wolf: *snap photo* so how do y---

wolf: its a masterpiece dont you think? i-i-i was hoping you could smile for my hairstyling portfolio? *snap photo*
akiko: WHAT?!
wolf: just one photo---

akiko: YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH OR WHAT?! *edit middle finger*
please please please please please~?
akiko: shut up! fine, just this once.
wolf: thank you!!!

akiko: *smile*
wolf: err, could you smile a little more---
akiko: more what??
wolf: more.. sincere?

akiko: *SMILE*
wolf: (so girlie!!!) >///<


MeLC said...

I'm seriously shocked. 0_0 But you don't look bad at all. You look like some tomboy character from animes and mangas. XD

あきこ said...

what tomboy chara?? im supposed to be crossdressing! (take it to the bishie side if i have the "pretty" element XD)

Kclee said...

i want to pinch those cute cheeks :3

tyoriginal said...

Aiya! Like that you're gonna be missing the comic fiesta la!


MedicOnTheRun said...

u'll not pass for a guy in my sights.. u need to age a bit more.. u'll pass for a boy mayber though :P

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