Monday 24 March 2008

ACGC 2008.. [belated]

"anime comics games convention 2008" at the berjaya times square (or BTS), long-awaited event after GACC, ACG, HGAF, and SONY-PSP 2008 (all of which i missed) was, as i quote Aoshi_88, "eclipsed by games booths" - cabal's malaysia launch, WoW, GE, gonzo rosso/ran online, etc. according to kclee, the main organiser is a game company (which i left to my selective memory). sure enough, on day1, i saw a whole bunch of game booths (cabal online was flooded worst - the queue to the booth was blocking public traffic since the venue was) on the 3rd floor open central area.

Lineage II booth models (the white-dressed one is pint-sized cute).

day1: 22 march 2008, saturday
what i supposed would be a very quiet event, i was proven wrong for day1. i went there in hopes of an ACG event, unknowingly it turned out to have generated a large following of games visitors and little did i notice, people who leech with their laptops. >_>

the rather accidental death note group (clockwise from top left): mello, matt, near, and misa.

i still cant believe i went all the way to BTS without a means of communication. (that means, no mobile phone for me.) once i arrived, i quickly got changed into misa amane's costume. then, i kept an eye out for kindness. yes, kindness.

i managed to bump into a death note antagonist group (L coser left before i got into my costume) and borrowed mello's mobile phone to call ywsmokona. see, kindness found you ywsmokona, dear~ lol. and indeed i met her (or she found me) while the death note group was being wildly photographed (nah, just exagerating). unfortunately, she had to leave (together with sean, dianne, yi lyn).. i had to look for kindness again at the end of the day.

once in a while the senior emcee would announce something random, and being random that it was, i did not catch a word because i was happily taking photographs of cosplayers (and some game models), posing away, and catching up with fellow (some long lost) cosplay acquaintances. sorry i could not update anyone about my non-existent mobile number. TAT

forgive the poor quality of this shot - zoomed too much in the dimly-lit venue.

sometime after the cabal launch (which i popped a mini confetti thing with the rest around the cabal online stage) towards the end of the evening (4-5pm perhaps?), i so happen to be standing next to the emcee counter. and so happen, the senior emcee just announced to queue up for the mini game to win the long-awaited 8GB thumbdrives~

i took one step to my right, and *poof* i was first in queue. but i did not want to stay first in line after he explained the mini game (supposedly open to cosplayers only, because the rules said so; i was wondering why there were only cosplayers in queue.. XD)

the mini game was guess-the-anime-song. but. they will only play it secretly to one person in frontmost (namely, yours truly) and s/he will have to hum the song for the rest to guess. what i was horrified at was that i had to perform it on the mini stage. (its not stage fright - its having to almost sing in public!) i hear people cheering and shouting "sing!!!" i turned around one last time to puppy-eye anyone to take my place. alas, i end up on the stage, yet won myself two 1GB thumbdrives. (someone actually recognised something from my vocal.)

oh, about the thumbdrives.. i had decided that there was no such thing (unbeknownst to me, there is a brand of such i found out much later) as 8GB thumbdrive. so it did not come to me as a shock when the emcee told us "the lorry transporting the 8GB thumbdrives got stuck on the highway so-and-so.. so we are gonna give out 1GB thumbdrives, eight at once to make up 8GB!" (the crowd was excited over the quantity which seem to have mattered more to them, while i stood there in anticipation of my turn at the microphone.)

very well, after that, i had to leave for i had promised to get home around 6-7pm. i looked out for kindness again and found a satan666, ironically. although i failed to arrange my transport home and wanted to make another phone call, i decided not to "..use my sex appeal" (as i quote misa amane) to take advantage of people.

(misa hardly does enough for her own good; most, if not all the time, its for raito~) i did want to stay for dinner with them, but i was next-to-broke. and it wasnt even the final weekend of the month! i managed to get home soundly, fall on my lofty bed, forget about completing my day2 props, and dreamt away..

a press conference for a local game methinks is BM-based or a new chinese mmorpg. i was patient enough to stay for two different conferences, so this photo i forgot belong to which. as you cannot see, the projector slide is outside the frame to the right of the photo.

day2: 23 march 2008, sunday
lateness~! i woke up groggily as if i just had a painless hangover, wondering what time was it. oh noes, my props! the gold and silver craft paper and red ribbon were still lying on the floor next to me.. the cosplay competition sign up was limited to the first 30 registered cosplayers only. i quickly draft out the gold-silver case for eclair's lipstick whip and attached 2.5m ribbon to it. by lunch time, i should be heading to BTS but i was just starting on the gunbelt.

(yeah, i know i have made these props for eclair before - but they seem to have disappeared or i left it behind at an event a long time ago. the gold lipstick case was the worst loss - it was an actual emptied-out estee lauder lipstick! TAT)

i arrived at BTS and got into costume, around 3pm; the cosplay competition sudah pun tamat. (everyone awaiting the result at 5pm.) i saw yori from far before i changed, but once i got back to the venue in costume, she was no where to be seen.. ah, i was really looking forward to see nami (one piece) moving on, i bumped into friends again~ *waves to relyss/hitokiri, kikyo/ayase*

the popularly funny gintama group..

yuffie cosplayer~ i'll give her honourable mention award. XD

these below are a couple photos which i noticeably edited for fun, of which i have miserably made badly and dared to upload them:

this is a candid shot which i requested from them (satan666 on the right)

jigoku shoujo: enma ai offering me the doll in a very good mood..

next, i decided to try out the few features on the canon powershot A430 for the first time. i selected widescreen-like view:

the group of cosplayers who felt that they had to show off each weapon and carefully not slicing/shooting one another accidentally ('d be a blood bath!)

at the end of ACGC 2008, here at the winners of the cosplay competition earlier.

before i headed home, my growling stomach and thirsty throat failed me, so i gladly accepted relyss' invite to join her, hitokiri, connman (i inspected him as alucard, and he inspected me as seras >///<) and someone (sorry, i dint catch your name!) for dinner in BTS. i forgot the name of the restaurant, but its on the same 3rd floor as the event.

i ordered a delicious steaming hot cheese pasta and -insert drink name- which came in a very lovely jumbo size glass. prices worth the meal. then, i happily took the lrt home-bound after hitokiri offered to drop me there (eventhough the car was full) x_o

btw, this is the link to ACGC day1 dance performances on youtube, and this is the link to the photo gallery.


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